"Secret BORDERLINE Encore" on 7/19

Due to popular demand, Motocompo with perform an additional live
streaming live music event, called "Secret BORDERLINE Encore"--
performed live and streamed to the world via uStream from an
undisclosed location in Tokyo just before 10pm on 7/19 (monday).

This live show is an extension to the "Secret Borderline" show held on
5/4 which commemorated the 10 year anniversary of Motocompo.

We are taking requests, so feel free to use the form below to send us
as many as you'd like!

Check back here for the link to the stream.

7/19(Monday), 10pm
MOTOCOMPO Debut 10th Anniversary Secret Showcase "SECRET BORDERLINE Encore"

10:00pm, Monday(Tokyo)
11:00pm, Monday(Sydney)
10:00pm, Monday(Seoul)
9:00pm, Monday(Berlin)
9:00pm, Monday(Taipei)
9:00pm, Monday(Hong Kong)
9:00pm, Monday(Beijing)
8:00pm, Monday(Bangkok)
8:00pm, Monday(Bali)
5:00pm, Monday(Moscow)
3:00pm, Monday(Paris)
2:00pm, Monday(London)
9:00am, Monday(Toronto)
8:00am, Monday(Chicago)
6:00am, Monday(Vancouver)
6:00am, Monday(Los Angeles)

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