The second solo show (MOTOCOMPO only, that is) of our 10th anniversary year has been set!

9/3 (Friday) at Club Que in Shimokitazawa!

Details will be announced as it gets closer, so stay tuned.

We are looking forward to it... we hope you are all, too!
 On May 5, 2010, MOTOCOMPO will mark its 10th anniversary since it debuted on the POPLOT label. In celebration they will be playing a secret show from 11pm on May 4 in a location within Tokyo. Even if you can't come to see the show, you can watch it from anywhere in the world via Ustream. They will be playing songs selected from their long history as a band. Don't miss this historic event!
Note: We will reveal the url for viewing on the day of the show 11pm start on Tuesday,
5/4 MOTOCOMPO Debut 10th Anniversary Secret Showcase "SECRET BORDERLINE"
11:00pm, Tuesday(Tokyo)
12:00pm, Tuesday(Sydney)
11:00pm, Tuesday(Seoul)
10:00pm, Tuesday(Berlin)
10:00pm, Tuesday(Taipei)
10:00pm, Tuesday(Hong Kong)
10:00pm, Tuesday(Beijing)
9:00pm, Tuesday(Bangkok)
9:00pm, Tuesday(Bali)
6:00pm, Tuesday(Moscow)
4:00pm, Tuesday(Paris)
3:00pm, Tuesday(London)
10:00am, Tuesday(Toronto)
9:00am, Tuesday(Chicago)
7:00am, Tuesday(Vancouver)
7:00am, Tuesday(Los Angeles)

Give me POPs!!!

Give me POPs!!!

3.27 (SAT) @SEATA 吉祥寺
open 4:30 start 5:00


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Dr USUI will play in two festivals in Thailand


1/30 Culture One

2/5 Big Mountain Festival

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